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    Queries to see who has admin access




      So currently our PC's have a the Domain user (the person who is using the laptop) plus a generic IT and Userbackup account added into the Administrator group so they can have admin rights. We will be using a policy to remove these rights. I was wondering if any of you knew a query that i could run that shows me what users are in the administrator group on the local PC?





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          Geordam Rookie



          I suggest to use 'Local Users and groups' / 'Local groups' / ' Name' = "administrators"


          And you show from the same path the members


          Hope it helps


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            Geordam Rookie

            Just find out where to get the query :


            SELECT DISTINCT A0.DISPLAYNAME, A0.TYPE, A2.OSTYPE, A1.DESCRIPTION, A1.MEMBERS, A1.NAME  FROM Computer A0 (nolock) LEFT OUTER JOIN LocalGroups A1 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A1.Computer_Idn LEFT OUTER JOIN Operating_System A2 (nolock) ON A0.Computer_Idn = A2.Computer_Idn  WHERE (A1.NAME = N'Administrators' OR A1.NAME = N'Administrateurs')   ORDER BY  A0.DISPLAYNAME


            I have french and english computers