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    How many Landesk Admins do you have?


      At interchange I heard alot of people asking what module do you manage?  Being fairly new to TUMS and using Landesk and Service Desk I said all of them. I got expressions like


      My question is how many users/device are you managing and what role do you play in the administration and management of the suite?  Is this a dedicated position? Is LD all you focus on? Do you juggle multiple duties?


      Just curious?



      Jeremy Mello

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          Prior to LANDesk my Service Desk admin responsibilities took up about 30% of my job. Now it's 100%...and we are training a secondary. So...yeah, quite a shock when we realized just how much time is needed to manage it

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            How big is your environment?  How many users? How many managed devices?  Also are you using all of the modules?


            Thanks for the response.

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              We have ~35k users, 300+ analysts. We only have Service Desk, not LDMS, so zero devices managed. We're only using Incident & Change modules in Service Desk but will soon be using Request (and probably Problem eventually).

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                12000 Devices.  I do the administration/Patch management by myself. I have another guy handle provisioning and Custom Definitions, but he also has other responsibilities.  We've got it so it pretty much runs itself and takes minimal effort.  It took a while to get to this point, but once you do it's works great. 250 remote sites.  Just 2 of us for the most part.

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  A lot of this comes down to the technical capability / competence of the folks involved, as well as ... a bucket that I shall refer to as "environmental factors" - which makes it very difficult to draw a 1:1 comparison.


                  For example - I've dealt with accounts where it was pretty much "2 guys" who managed some 50,000+ devices over 100's of sites. They were both extremely competent guys, razor sharp, and developed stuff "properly" from the ground up right away. And (more importantly) their boss let them / supported them in doing so.


                  Then there's other environments I encountered where (I kid you not) where some 5,000 odd nodes on a single site needed 30+ admins - for a plethora of self-induced reasons. That particular place also had 2 massive binders where the 5,000 odd static IP's were recorded & managed. Most of those 30+ admins spent the vast majority of their time fixing network issues (because - static IP's thoroughly borked name resolution).


                  So it's not "just' a case of "how many minions should I ask my boss to get me" - a LOT of it comes down to the shenanigans your business throws at you. Some of it makes sense, some of it may be just because "we've always done it this way & we're stuck in the thinking of the 70's" at higher levels. The latter affects more overall.


                  You can have the 2 hottest admins on the planet, but if they're buried in ridiculous processes of having to jump through hoops for no reason other than "well - it made sense 40 years ago" and never get given time to actually learn the product / techs they're supposed to deal with (as they're told to do 5,000 things on the side as well), then that's not going to be a "recipe for success" exactly .


                  I make an argument that 2 is the minimum of any kind of multi 1,000 node enterprise should have in regard to LD admins. For one, your "one guy" is going to go on holiday at some point (we hope), and Murphy's law dictates that "stuff" will happen ... so best to have someone else who can take on the reigns & knows what's what. LANDesk support can help you out at a push, but if "the part time backup" doesn't have any passwords or other such "not immediately related" data available, then any attempt at helping out quickly runs into problems .


                  Hope that this provides some perspective -- it's sadly not as simple a thing as saying "for X many clients, I should need about Y many admins". Company policy (and management shenanigans) at its worst can MASSIVELY hinder you and prevent you from success / doing your actual job. Irrespective of whether you're using LANDesk or something else (and I've had to tell some folks that "their problem wasn't LANDesk - it was their processes - and they'd see exactly the same problems in a year+ when they'd switched over to product Z).

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                    bnelson Employee

                    The only thing I would add to phoffmans comments is that a TAM is invaluable when running a single admin environment. I was a customer for many years prior to joining LANDESK and I found my TAM to be the most valuable asset we had!

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                      Thank you. That was very insightful.


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                        So a minimum of 2 admins primary and backup. Primary is dedicated to LD/SD administration?  This highly dependent on the environment polices and managements buy in and support?


                        Also a full load of using all modules of the Management Suite and Service Desk to their fullest capabilities it is possible for 2 competent admins to design both systems to run like a well oiled machine?


                        We have the entire TUMS suite. Management Suit and Service Desk. 800 devices and 1500 employees 1 site 24 hour operation. Coming from a Novell ZENWorks background I was able to setup the Management suite and start imaging devices and deploying packages almost immediately.


                        Service Desk on the other hand was a completely new experience for me and we ended up having professional services come in and setup the Incident Module.  I am now needing to setup the Request module and Asset Central. To say the least it is a bit overwhelming.


                        I appreciate everyone's reply but it seems you are all talking in terms of either Service Desk or the Management suite. Does the minimum 2 admins still apply when managing both systems?


                        Thanks in advance


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                          mmajeres Apprentice

                          We are managing about 3000 client endpoints spread around the world with about 15% of that never in an office.  It is most, but not all of my duties, and there is another admin who is maybe 50%.


                          I'd say we are slightly understaffed, but who wouldn't!  ;-)

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                            Did you attend boot camp? If not you should twist your manager's arm and make them send you. Not that it will make you an expert in 5 days but it will undoubtedly help. I didn't do any training prior or after our install of LDSD and its really hampered picking it up. Even now after a year and doing the abbreviated 3 day bootcamp at Interchange, I still have much to learn, but at least now I know what I don't know.

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                              phoffmann SupportEmployee

                              The suggested minimum 2 heads was "just" for the "Management Suite" side of things (for the reasons I listed above).


                              The Service Desk side of things I can't advise much on, as I've not touched it much. But I'd suggest considering it to be separate folks. Bear in mind that Service Desk comes with a whole different skillset / suggested prereqs around ITIL & that sort of concept / language / thinking. It's sort of like a process engine - if you get your designs / process flows right first time round - great. If you mess 'em up it's usually quite painful to fix them after the fact, because of a whole tree of dependentant stuff that's hanging off of every single thing you're changing.


                              It all sort of depends on "how much you want to do" / "how much you have to manage". If you're looking to do a few simple things, you can "learn enough" to muddle along, as it were. You may want to specify somewhat the size & distribution of your organisation - that may help along a bit.


                              Yes, people "can" and do cover both in the real-world, but that's very much a case of "going wide" rather than "going deep" (as there's a lot to learn around each type of application. There's the applications themselves, and then there's the underlying tech - SQL, IIS, networking, etc. etc.). So all depends on what the ask / intention is.


                              You may also re-post this question in one of the service desk centric sections of community, so folks can give you better advise with that specificity in mind.

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                                I actually took the 5 boot camp prior to our professional services engagement. At that time most of it was over my head. Now that I have been though the setup and used the system a bit.  I think the boot camp would be more beneficial. I think Ill wait until a boot camp with 2016.2 information is available. As one of our main interests is Asset Central and request management.

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                                  kevin.bye Apprentice

                                  We have about 1800 users and about 2500 devices managed in our environment, and we have 1 "main" admin for LDMS (device management), and I am the admin for Service Desk.  I am currently the only LDSD admin we have, and set it up basically single-handed (with the help of a TAM at some points).  We are currently about to train in another admin, or at least one that could take serious issues while I am out of the office. 


                                  As far as how much of my job it takes up, it depends on if new development is needed within Service Desk.  Once things are set, it mostly runs on its own so far.  I am also our Email Admin, pseudo-SQL Admin, and Electronic Document Management Admin as well, so depending what is going on with those systems the time investment can vary