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    Importing from CSV to make custom groups


      We have a list of "blessed" patches for Windows 7 and Server 2012 from our software vendor, patches we know will work fine with our critical software.  The list is over 200+ patches, other than manually searching for each KB individually and then dragging it to a public custom group, is there any way to automate and or import in the patches to a custom group?

      The process will be less laborious in the future when we will have less patches to track per month, but this is the first push with the new vendor and we have a giant list of patches to work over.

      LANDesk 2016, Core is a 2k12 server.



      Thank you kindly,

      Carlos Andrade

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Quick answer - yes, you can.


          So there's a bunch of ways you could do this thing.


          • Option 1 - using the MBSDK. The MBSDK has a method called "AddPatchToCustomGroup" which does what you want it to. Don't know how to use the MBSDK? As it happens, I've written the following article a little while ago - Getting Started with the MBSDK (Example Scripts Included) - that should help here.


          • There's also a variant www-method - "AddVulnerabilitiesToCustomGroup" that may be of interest (as it's used for multi-addition). The VUL_ID in question can be resolved in the VULNERABILITY table against the list of / names of the vuls you're after.


          That would probably be the easiest way.


          • There is a way to do it through "straight up" SQL on the back-end ... but that'd require access to the SQL side of things (and would require you knowing SQL & being comfy with manhandling the DB directly) ... I'll hold off on that one, as that's also effectively interfering with the backend, while the MBSDK is a "nicely supported method".


          Does that work for you ?

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            Thank you kindly!  It is a good start, and I will give them a try.

            -Carlos Andrade