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    TeamViewer removal via batch



      Does anybody have any experience removing TeamViewer from LANDesk?


      my batch file is setup like this:

      "C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe" /F /IM teamviewer.exe

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\Version9\uninstall.exe" /S


      If i run this batch locally on the machine it works no problem.

      From LANDesk I get the "sdclicent.exe or the installation program was terminated at the client" Return code 1


      I've tried other options in the Scheduled Tasks, change batch file, no luck.


      Any ideas? any tricks?



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          alarson Apprentice

          We've actually begun testing this process ourselves (switching to Bomgar soon).  I haven't done extensive testing at all, but this vbs script seemed to work great so far.

          I found it on the internets and updated it a bit.  Not sure why the taskkill line is in there twice but can't hurt much.  good luck.


          Dim objShell

          Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )

          objShell.Run "taskkill /im teamviewer.exe", , True

          objShell.Run "taskkill /im teamviewer.exe", , True


          Sub Teamviewer()

              On Error Resume Next

              objShell.Run("""%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer\Version6\uninstall.exe"" /S")

              objShell.Run("""%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer\Version7\uninstall.exe"" /S")

              objShell.Run("""%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer\Version8\uninstall.exe"" /S")

              objShell.Run("""%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer\Version9\uninstall.exe"" /S")

              objShell.Run("""%ProgramFiles%\TeamViewer\uninstall.exe"" /S")

          End Sub

          Set objShell = Nothing

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            Thanks. I'll give that a shot