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    Automatic Assignment Not working


      Dear All,


      I am having a few issues with a calculation that i believe may not be correct.




      On our change process, we have defined that, after the user submits the change, the changeshould be assigned to the Change Manager of the specific group.


      At the moment, when a user opens the change and selects save, it is sent to the Group configured on the category that was selected for the Change. (This is ok)


      When the user selects submit, this should be sent to the change manager of the group.


      Currently, when "Submit" is selected, the change is not assigned to any group or any analyst.

      I have attached a screenshot with the calculation, etc..


      When testing the calculation, I receive the following error message




      Any ideias on what I may be missing?


      Thanks in advance.


      Best Regards,


      Ricardo Almeida

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          wamccoid Specialist

          Ricardo, without seeing your full process, the "Change Manager" you are trying to set is it the change manager of the group of the user who created the change?  if so, you could simply create a relationship from system->user to system->group and call it Change Manager.  Then set a change manager for each support group.  then use a placeholder in the process instead of the calculation.  The calculation does not work right so if you think you need to use it could you give me a bit more information of exactly what you want to accomplish if my recommendation won't work.



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            Hi Will,


            Apologies for the delay on the response.


            I was able to bypass the issue by using the following calculation on the "Change Manager" attribute:



            def GetAttributeValue(Change):

            Value = Change.Customer._ServiceManager

            if Change.Category._BussinessUnitMgr != true:

            if Change.Category._ChangeManager != null:

            Value = Change.Category._ChangeManager

            return Value


            Thanks a lot



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              wamccoid Specialist

              Excellent.  Glad to hear you got it working.