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    Manage Test To Live with large database

    alouhichi2 Apprentice

      Hi everyone !


      I am looking on ways and methods to optimize T2L execution time ;


      Currently Live database is about 50Go; My Test database is about 37Go after deleting attachment as descried here Method for using Test to Live with large DB's

      My T2L makes more than 4h to be completed.

      Design difference between 2 databases is important that is why I used T2L and not design transfer.


      Looking to T2L log file, it appears that the big part ( consuming more time) is the step comparing tps_attachment_data : Is there a way to optimize this delay (3 hours)


      Does deleting all IPC on Test database can help to reduce T2L execution time?


      Does anyone has experience with managing T2L with large database please ? any advises