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    Preferred package servers

    HermiM Apprentice


      I am preparing to migrate my preferred servers OS to win ser 2012. I will do side by side migration so I will create new virtual servers and keep the olds one running until I am sure all managed devices get the new preferred servers.

      To do that I am trying to understand from where the sdclient will get list of preferred servers. According to the online help, it will create a file named "preferredservers.dat" and put top 3 preferred servers there  (based on bandwidth performance test done by the sdclient).Then sdclient will update this file once per 24 hours or if the managed device''s ip adress change.

      The problem that I can't find the file in any client and when I checked the sdclient log file for previous task I figured out that the sdclient will update an enviroment variable which called "LDMS_PREFERRED_SERVER". I don't know if the use of the file "preferredservers.dat" is omitted and does the sdclient search for a preferred server each time it does execute a distribution task and put the result in the variable environment mentioned above? How can help me to have more details since it seems that the online help is not up to date! !!!!!

      Thanks in advance

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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          Believe the file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache

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            HermiM Apprentice

            Okay this is what I found after some check in the system. In the agent configuration tool there are 2 agent settings the ld agent uses to:

            - Tell the sdclient from where to get distribution files  (agent setting is distribution and patch )

            - Configure the conectivity component in the ld agent how to maintain an up-to-date preferredservers.dat file  (agent setting is conectivity data )

            In general the preferred package server list is built by requesting  the core server to get available preferred servers for that managed device  (based on ip adress range). Then the device performs a bandwidth performance test to sort preferred servers.

            This process is done every 24 hours  (you can change this)

            In my case I have an old agent this why the preferredservers.dat file is saved in c:\programdata\landesk\management suite\sdmcache

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              wcoffey SupportEmployee

              The download utility (lddwnld.dll aka lddownload) is actually controlling the creation and updating of the preferred server listing  which get placed inside the preferredservers.dat file and not sdclient. The environmental variable is updated based on the content in the preferredservers.dat file so it is very necessary and not omitted if you want to make use of preferred servers. The process is as follows if the network settings (in the Distribution and Patch agent settings) allows use of a preferred server:


              • LDdownload will "AttemptPreferredServer" - If the dat file exist the contents inside will be read if changes have been made to your preferredservers the content within the dat file will be updated.
              • If no dat file exist one will be created. A "get PreferredServerList" web request will be made through LANDESK's proxyhost.exe application to http://core_server_name:443/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/Core/PreferredServer/preferredserver.asmx
              • If the http web request is successful to the PreferredServer site, all preferred servers the client device has access to will be returned and order by time.
              • Then the environmental variable LDMS_PREFERRED_SERVER will be updated with the preferred server the downloader pulled the file from.

              If you turn on LogXTrace and LogVerbose in the registry on the client this info will be contained in the sdclient_taskXXX.log file (Ldclient\data) directory.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                As a "bonus" for you potentially - if you want / need to play around with our SoftDist tech stuff, you may want to check out the following article:

                - How to use PEDownloader.exe to Duplicate / Troubleshoot Software Distribution