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    Report for specific IP addresses only



      In Unmanaged Device Discovery I have a group for a specific site that contains computers,laptops,switches,printers etc.


      How do you pull a report for that specific site with different IP ranges. We want to run a report every couple days and compare the two to see if anything is missing.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          That will get a bit interesting .


          In "regular" devices you could deal with fairly easily, by just adding a bit of custom data - to the effect of "Location = {wherever}" if you wanted.


          LDDA (Data Analytics) has a rule for this, where you can map Gateway information to locations (since subnets aren't reliable indicators - but we find that Gateways *tend* to be pretty good) ... but for unmanaged devices, we don't have IP Gateway information. Due to the rather limited nature of what we can usually get ("IP address & MAC" in usually somewhat locked down situations) and maybe a hostname (if we can resolve it in DNS) - not much to go on.


          Now you COULD run something (SQL Script / LDDA rule) on the back-end and essentially run a "If IP = X.X.Y.Y then set Location = {someplace}" type process and essentially add / shove a relevant data value into the database.


          Or you write a custom report, filtering only on those IP ...


          Does that somewhat help you along? I'm not sure with how comfortable you are with getting your hands into the guts of a database, so I'm only describing concepts at the moment (and whether you use DA rules or whatever, it ultimately amounts to "somehow" adding a new data field into the DB for those devices) that are possible ... but wouldn't the solution be better in focussing your efforts around getting agents on to those unmanaged devices in the first place?


          There may be political shenanigans or whatnot preventing this - but understanding more of the story would be helpful.


          Bear in mind that we don't really delete unmanaged records (so they shouldn't "go missing") - but we keep track of when we last saw a device / had it reported on.


          Does that help somewhat?