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    Windows 10 - Stuck Rebooting\Restarting After Patches

    Rick.Smith1 Expert

      Hopefully this is a good reference area for this issue. I had been tracking this down as a possible problem with Windows 10 and Provisioning since the issue only appeared recently as I have been building out our Windows 10 provisioning templates. As it turns out, this problem is not caused by LANDESK provisioning issues with Windows 10. I was able to trace the problem to a Microsoft KB 3163018.






      In ever case we had, this patch was hanging up our provisioning automation because the system would just sit there with the blue screen and the 'restarting' swirly animation. Hard rebooting the device allowed the system to continue on. We have turned this patch off within LANDESK. Hope this saves someone some time troubleshooting.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Very interesting - thank you for sharing, good sir!


          And yes - this is certainly a good place for it .


          A couple of additional points:


          Assuming you're upgrading / provisioning OS'es via WIM's, you CAN patch the WIM itself. If you google for "WIM offline patching" you'll get a bunch of hits and "pick your favourite" to go with.


          Gotchas to look out for there (I've done a bit of research for a Provisioning Webinar I've hosted recently):

          - Not *ALL* patches can be installed offline (example  being - .NET 4.0 on Windows 7).

          - SOME updates can bork your OS install itself as well (see here - http://iboyd.net/index.php/2013/01/04/applying-kb2506143-to-an-offline-windows-7-sp1-wim-windows-setup-fail/ - for an example).


          The above examples may be specific to Windows 7, but "sooner or later" the odds are you'll run into this sort of issue with Windows 10 as well.


          But this is indeed a very interesting gotcha!

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            Rick.Smith1 Expert



            Thanks for the references. We are not doing any offline patching nor do we use the WIM method. I'm still seeing this come up again in my processes. I am slowly moving other patches out. 3081449 & 316017 I've now tried pulling out.


            Consistently if we force the reboot (power off and power on) it will proceed with no further issues.)


            I'll keep this updated if I can get to a singular root cause.



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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Happy to help along a little bit.


              You can always just include that oldest of Windows "fixes" (that infamous "Have you tried turning it off & on again" ) routinely in there. Because Microsoft ... or weird install shenanigans.


              Possible that you've got one of those "lovely" situations where your install routine is having a weird hiccup unique to your environment / combination - in which case the above links should give you an idea as to the generally likely nature of things, but it'll be a lot of research / effort to chase down. It may be overall easier just accepting an additional reboot in there for the sake of your sanity / getting on with things.


              Some IT gremlins seem to still demand that reboot even though one would think that some 30+ years on, we'd figure that one out a bit better. Ah well ... drivers (usually, I find).