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    Allow groups to see specific notes

    DrNelson Apprentice

      A question came from one of our more "High Maintenance" users asking about allow specific groups to see notes. Is there a way to allow the group that entered a note be the only group that can see that note?

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          wamccoid Specialist

          I think the best way to probably handle this is with a window calculation that will show the specific note added by the user or create a String that if the creation user is the current user (or group) then show the note otherwise return something like "You do not have permission to view this note"  Let me know if you need more details on how to do this.



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            DrNelson Apprentice

            Do you have a link to an example of a calculation for this. What attribute would we place the calculation on?

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              DrNelson Apprentice

              I created a private note filter on the window that shows private note on the tabs at the bottom of the window. The only issue I have now is that all analysts can see the history panel on the left of a ticket and click on any of those entries and see what they say. Our security group wants to be able to add private notes that only they can see (the history panel kind of prevents this from happening, unless there is a feature I can turn off/on).

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                I have been asked to investigate similar- I haven't started developing a solution yet, but here is my logic:


                1. Create new business object "Private Notes"- think it needs to be collection item so action can created, and have granular privileges
                2. New attribute for the note text
                3. New window for private note
                4. Create new analyst role for members who want to view the private notes (only additional privilege on existing analyst role would be to execute the new action)
                5. Add action to process at relevant points (don't think a pre-condition calculation allowing only members of the role to view the action is needed as the role privileges should cover this)


                The uncertainity in my approach is whether the "normal" analysts would be able to view the history item by not having "read" privileges on the action- if they still can then my logic is flawed.


                Did you manage to find a solution DrNelson?


                Many thanks,



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                  I have just tested on another business object and if your role does not have the privilege to at least read, then although the history pane contains the action item, it can't be opened to read.