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    Linux Agent ldappl - Inventory Scanner Exclude & Include

    ecoidan Specialist

      LDMS 2016 SU2


      I want to add an exclude folder to the ldappl.conf file for Linux Agent.  It appears to use a different file than the Windows ldappl3 file.  I can manually modify it on the local Linux system but I have about 150 systems to deploy the Agent too, thats alot of manual updating.


      So my question is, what file do I update on the Core server so my ldappl.conf will be properly configured in the agent install.


      In the local Linux Agent after install the ldappl.conf file list sections for Include and Exclude folders for inventory scanner but the ldappl.conf on the Core does not have those sections. Wasn't really sure what to modify.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          If memory serves, the LDAPPL.CONF on the Core is more for the "old" 32-bit type of agent, while the newer MAP agents (even 32-bit Linux distros can now have the MAP agent that you'll know from 64-bit after LD 2016 SU2) tend to use their local copy.


          Linux proves to be an "interesting" battlefield - I get it in the neck from NIX admins when we use "central" config files that apply to all things, and I get it in the neck when we don't. Yay .


          But as far as the MAP agent is concerned, I'm pretty positive that the MAP agent doesn't pull it down from the Core leaving it as a "per system" configuration item, because we got a lot of feedback of they type that "well system X is attached to petabytes of data, so I don't want you scanning that. But system Y isn't, so go scan there and there. And system Z has rules all of its own" ...


          Which makes sense at the end of the day, since you're dealing with server infrastructure primarily, while Windows / MAC-land are primarily workstations & clients -- much less likely to be individually attached to ginormous amounts of data.


          Does that help?

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            ecoidan Specialist

            That answers my question. 


            thank you.