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    Vulnerability Scanner in LANDesk?


      Does LANDesk have its own Vulnerability Scanner? Something like Nessus?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Yes. Have had for 10+ years.


          It does a few things differently though.


          It's focus is around OS & application vulnerabilities (so your Windows / Java / Flash & so on) - both from a detection & remediation point of view.


          It's not meant as a port-scanner if you're talking about THAT from a vulnerability perspective. So it won't tell you that you forgot to close down ports 444-500 on server X (for instance)


          The content is written in an open format (no "custom language" you need to learn) that's easy to understand & pick up and allows for any kind of scripting language to be used (so if you're a fan of VB, use VB. If you want Bash for NIX, go use that).


          It's part of the regular LANDesk agent (across all platforms), as we use it for a fair few things on the side.


          If could specify any particular questions / concerns, we can answer in a more targeted fashion?

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            Where can I found that in the LANDesk suite. I'm on 9.6 SP2 or is it a separate add-on purchase?


            Any documentation on how to set it up?



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              nick.evans SupportEmployee

              Hi Peter,

              This is a link to our Patch Manager space with details on the vulnerability scanner: Patch Manager

              Here is a getting started for 9.6 patch management - How to get started with Patch Manager in LDMS 9.6

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                Ok thanks. I have used the Patch Manager before.

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  It depends on what license you've been given / what your company has purchased.


                  The binaries will be down & the feature is installed - we just enable/disable things from being visible based on the license you have (this way, if you purchase extra stuff down the line, you don't need to install anything in addition - it's all already installed & ready to go, just waiting for the unlock).


                  Assuming you have the security module in your license, you get started here ... (This screenshot is from LD 2016, but it's similar enough in 9.6)



                  Hope that helps? Again - if you give us a fuller description of what you're trying to do, we may be able to help a bit better .