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    Test to live

    Vicky1985 Apprentice



      I have a few queries about test to live we have just got our test system up and running.  We are running service desk 2016.


      1) After reading the test to live document I was under the impression that when you run test to live you would get a list of changes and then you could select which changes you wanted to make live this doesn't seem to happen for us it just seems to transfer everything across with no options.  Is this something we should have or not?


      2) On other test systems I have worked with for things like approvers in the test system you could have a different set of approvers to the live system then test to live wouldn't change the approvers in the live system.  Is this the case with landesk or is there a way we can set this up for testing purposes I would prefer not to spam the trust with test approval emails?


      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.



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          Hi Vicky


          Test to Live will always transfer all the design changes.   This is by Design and how i read the Doc, this is due to it being transfer purely at a SQL level.

          If you want to select a few items to transfer you can use Design Transfer but it also has it limitations.


          It would be worth raising a ER if there is not already one to have customize options on T2L.




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            Vicky1985 Apprentice

            Thank you for the information Paul.


            Do you know if it is possible to have different approvers in the test system to the live system which wont port across when we do a test to live?