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    Assign action

    Vicky1985 Apprentice



      I am currently making some changes in our test system and I would like to add an assign option.

      I have added an action so that someone within ICT can choose who they would like to assign the request to.

      However I only get the action when I am logged in or if one of the other administrators is logged in if I log in as one of the other ICT managers who is part of the group the item has been assigned to they don't have the action.


      Has anyone had this issue before?




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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



          That sounds like a missing privilege on one of your roles. Identify the user who should be able to see the action and then in Console > Administration > Users, Groups see what role that user has.


          Open the role in Console and browse to the privileges. You are interested in Request management and Process Related. Give the role the ability to use the action and the re-test.


          Hope that helps.



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            To piggy back off of Andrew, you could check by role too. Here is where we grant it in Incident Management.