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      I am runing 9.6 SP1.

      I noticed that policysync create srt file in c:\temp.


      Any idea what those files are?


      Thank you

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup



          do you mean the str files like str324 located in c:\windows\temp?

          I don't know what they are for, I just guess these files are a result of some maintenance. If you look in these files, you see all the tasks (TaskIDs) which the devices is part of plus the Device ID plus the policy hash values. I think these files can be removed without any risk, if not, the "temp" location would be the wrong location...;-)

          Maybe some of the LANDESK guys can shed some light why these files are created, I would be interested too...


          Kind regards


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            Hi Christian,


            I mean the str files like str324 located in c:\temp


            Best Regards.

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              wcoffey SupportEmployee

              Hi TF, Thanks Christian for chiming in as well. We are using a security technique referred to as Sandboxing which is causing these srt files to be written to your temp directory. This behavior also exist in our current product version. Feel free to delete these files. In our next major release, possibly next service update, we will include logic to clean up these files so they won't remain on the device post task install. -Will

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                mkfobian Apprentice

                Has this ever been addressed? Now that I know it's LANDesk writing these files I won't hesitate to delete them, but is there any plan to implement an automatic clean of these files in the agent?