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    AV Update Task for LDMS 2016

    ajenkins21 Apprentice

      Good morning,


      I've noticed that when I try to apply similar settings to a task that I was using in LDMS 9.6 to update the AV agent after provisioning a system it doesn't work. It will register that the task completed successfully but when I check the Kaspersky icon it says the database is out of date. The action that I am running is Execute File - The target path is as follows %%PROGRAMFILES%%\LANDesk\LDClient\Antivirus\Kav10\avp.com and the Command-line Parameters are as follows UPDATE http://%ServerName/ldlogon/antivirus8/win/basesep. Now I have noticed that with Windows 10 in LDMS 9.6 the Kav10 folder name has changed to whatever version it is which i think is the main culprit here and that appears to be the same thing with LDMS 2016 both Windows 7 and Windows 10 folders have the version number in them. Does anyone have any idea of a way for it to work successfully regardless of what version it is because it is very helpful in an environment where we have students who do some provisioning as well and they tend to forget to make sure that the AV component is updated?