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    Best practice for Backing up Landesk Cores


      Hi everyone


      i know that backing up a server can be done in many ways but i wanted your opinion on a best practice.


      Whats the best backup solution to backup a core? so whats the best tool that will easily backup but also easily allow you to restore with the least effort.


      Plus, when you do restore is there anything that needs to be configured, checked, re-set after a restore?




      Paul Davies

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          What version of LANDesk are you on? Mainly important around the question of whether you use LD 2016 with the high-security stuff enabled.


          Generally, there are 2 "most vital" parts around a LANDesk Core.

          • The Database (which may or may not live on your Core)? At a push, you can "start from 0", but why go through the pain. Backup.
          • The Core Certificate(-s). This is pretty much the *ONE* thing that you really can't live without. It's better to lose your old DB to losing your certs, because clients WILL NOT accept comms from a Core that doesn't hold the right certs.
          • ... potentially "the packages" (which I usually expect to live on a file server / be backed up somewhere


          ... everything else (essentially everything "client info") can / will come back in a disaster situation, as it's "just" a case of inventory & vulscans making their way back, by and large.


          LANDesk doesn't recommend one backup-solution over the other - we're mainly happy if you HAVE one and it works (never trust them - always verify ... I've seen too many cases of backup tools / strategies failing when they're actually needed). So long as you HAVE a backup-strategy in place & it works (reliably), we're happy. What logo comes on the software, we don't get involved with.


          The database backup side of things should be owned by your DBA's usually. But if you don't have DBA's - it's pretty easy to set up a regular backup schedule inside SQL Server.


          ... I have written up a PDF around certificate creation / restoration that I need to write up / update into a KB article one of these days (time...) which I attached to this response. It's a bit older (written around 9.0 times) but not much has changed except for the automatic naming of certs that we do during install time now.


          ... that should be plenty to get you started?

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            Thanks this is really helpful. Can i get a copy of the PDF you created please?



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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              I've already attached it to my previous response :).