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    Cleaning Outbound emails on DB


      Hello All,


      We currently haven't gone live and are currently testing the email notifications.


      Currently our email services are off, so we have alot of emails pending to be sent.


      I use the following query to see all pending email notifications:


      SELECT     message.tps_date_sent "Date Sent",

           recipient.tps_email_address "Sent To",

           message.tps_subject "Subject",

           message.tps_body "Body",

           message.tps_application_data "Data",

           recipient.tps_is_email_sent "Email Sent"

      FROM     tps_user_message_recipient recipient,

           tps_user_message message

      WHERE     recipient.tps_user_message_guid = message.tps_guid

      ORDER BY message.tps_date_sent DESC;


      In order to test, i will need to clean the pending emails so no notifications are sent, and then perform my testing,


      I wanted to know the best way to do this.


      Will a simple "Delete * from (table)" clean permanantely the table or is there any action I have to perform on the console for example.


      Thanks Alot


      Best Regards,


      Ricardo Almeida