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    Discovery of peripheral

    Fabien.TAO Rookie



      I made a discovery of peripherals, then I allocated peripherals to a task. I have by mistake to delete  peripherals since this spot. Regreattably, the discovery of peripheral does not allow me any more to find these peripherals.

      Have you a solution to find these peripherals?


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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Sorry Fabien I think we have a language barrier.


          Does peripherals mean your computers/PCs?


          Does Discovery mean they already have the LANDESK agent? Or does it mean you discovered them and want to deploy the agents?




          If you are trying to deploy agents, look in Configuration - Pending unmanaged client deployments



          You might find them there.



          If they already have agents, they should automatically come back into the database after one or to days when they run inventory scans.


          If none of this helps, write your message in your main language and we can try help from there.


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            Fabien.TAO Rookie



            Oui effectivement je ne parle pas beaucoup anglais !

            Merci beaucoup votre solution semble répondre à mes problèmes !