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    delarosa Apprentice

      Not sure if I am doing something wrong but my cache is not being updated when a change is made to a package.


      So here are the steps I have taking and still see in the clients cache with the old information.


      1. Created a package and deployed it to a client.

      2. Packaged failed and I realized it was something to do with the script so I made the necessary changes and "Reset package hash".

      3. Re-created the task and re-deployed it with the new packaged hash.

      4. Deployment still fails and for some reason when I go into the client Cache I still see the old script settings even though I redeployed it with the new settings.


      Why is Landesk not updating the cache in the client machines after the package goes changes?

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          masterpetz ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi delarosa,


          you do everything right. BUT, if you change your script and the file size of your script stays the same, the new created hash value will be the same after reset and because of this, the client has no need to download the file again. Unfortunatelly the change date of the file is not used for the creation of the file hash. It's size, name and version. But for a Batch or script, you can’t set the version which means, after you change your script, you have to change the filename like batchV0.1, batchV0.2 and so on…


          Hope this helps.






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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Couple of questions for clarification:

            • What version / patch level of LANDesk are you on? (just so we can look at the same level of stuff)
            • So this is a package that you've deployed out to clients (like a batch?) ... then changed the package, and want to now re-deploy it, correct?
            • ... if there's any more detail or so worth mentioning, please do so. Detail & Context is always helpful .


            ... let's start with this & go from there .

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              wcoffey SupportEmployee



              Thanks for using the community and thanks for chiming in on this Christian. You shouldn't have to rename your batch file and when the Landesk Downloader reviews the file to download, the version number isn't a factor, (name,size and hash, Yes). Modifying the file itself and creating a new task off the updated package or resetting the package hash and re-starting the existing task should address your issue. In 9.6 SP2/2016 policytaskhandler.exe will perform a hash calculation upon making the client policy file available to the client if the hash value is Null in the database. The locations at which you are allowing the downloader to pull the file from are things to consider (peer, preferred, source). Check the LDCacheInfo subfolder under SDMCache on the client device (LDCLIENT\SDMCACHE). There will be a .info file titled name_of_file_I_want_to_download.info inside of the LDCache folder which contains the files's hash value. If the file was downloaded from a peer or preferred server, check that device for the same name_of_file_I_want_to_download.info file and verify the hash matches. If the file is being pulled from the core, the hash is in the database (Package_Files_Hash table). If you are still having issues and it's hash related or failing to download the updated file to your client please open a support request and one of our technicians will assist you in resolving this issue in a more timely manner.