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    Any idea how to invoke ida:ida_sip_show from TelnetCE 7.3x Web browser via javascript?


      I am trying to toggle the SIP from an SAP ITS Mobile session and I have found the following examples from documentation http://download.wavelink.com/Files/wib_demoapp_directions1.pdf

      <a href="ida:IDA_SIP_SHOW"><img src="images/btn_sipview.gif"></a>





      <script language=javascript>

      function OnError( )


      // Disconnect the Session

      location.href = “ida:IDA_SESSION_DISCONNECT” ;

      // Alternate Method

      document.location = “ida:IDA_SESSION_DISCONNECT” ;

      // Another Alternate Method

      window.navigate ( “ida:IDA_SESSION_DISCONNECT” ) ;




      However the above pushes to a URL instead of invoking the Windows SIP from appearing/hiding.  The option is available from a Naurtech standpoint via the CEBrowseX object PostIDA method but I cannot find how to do the same via Wavelink TelnetCE Web session.