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    Email alerts no recipient

    rcronje Apprentice

      Hi All


      My client is running LDMS8.8 SP1. We are currently trying to get email alerting working. We have setup a rule on the core ruleset to send an email on inventory attribute change. The alerts are being generated but the emails aren't.


      The sendemail.log file has the following information:


      2008-09-10 10:17:33(4524-5452) sendemail.exe:sendemail started
      2008-09-10 10:17:33(4524-5452) sendemail.exe:SMTP Server:
      2008-09-10 10:17:33(4524-5452) sendemail.exe:Sending email to (0):
      2008-09-10 10:17:33(4524-5452) sendemail.exe:Email failed to send
      2008-09-10 10:19:03(7320-6692) sendemail.exe:sendemail started
      2008-09-10 10:19:03(7320-6692) sendemail.exe:SMTP Server:
      2008-09-10 10:19:03(7320-6692) sendemail.exe:Sending email to (0):
      2008-09-10 10:19:03(7320-6692) sendemail.exe:Email failed to send
      2008-09-10 10:20:39(596-8876) sendemail.exe:sendemail started
      2008-09-10 10:20:39(596-8876) sendemail.exe:Alert storm detected 0
      2008-09-10 10:20:39(596-8876) sendemail.exe:SMTP Server:
      2008-09-10 10:20:39(596-8876) sendemail.exe:Sending email to (0):
      2008-09-10 10:20:39(596-8876) sendemail.exe:Email failed to send


      Look at the example sendemail.log file in the various documents I notice that the log files say:


      sendemail.exe:Sending email to (1): [email protected]


      So it looks like the sendemail is not accepting or using the To: address from the alert rule. The two addresses I am using are : [email protected] (can't reveal the client  ) and my email of [email protected]  with the exact same results being logged in the sendemail.log file.


      Any ideas on how to fix this?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee



          ... first thing that should be checked. Since we have a dedicated document for this thing...


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            rcronje Apprentice

            Hi Paul


            I have read that document a couple of times now and it has been very helpful. I used it to determine that the smtp server we are testing with allows un-authenticated emails so I set the required field in  AlertEmail table as per the document.


            Using the document is how I deduced that the To: address is being lost somewhere along the line by comparing the example sendemail.log file and our sendemail.log file.


            So I need to figure out why the To: address is not being pass through or used

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              Please find the error from sendmail.log as shown below:


              2009-02-28 11:09:57(4384-1396) sendemail.exe:sendemail started
              2009-02-28 11:09:58(4384-1396) sendemail.exe:SMTP Server: smtpout.apwpresident.com
              2009-02-28 11:09:58(4384-1396) sendemail.exe:Sending email to (1): [email protected];
              2009-02-28 11:09:58(4384-1396) sendemail.exe:Email failed to send


              Now according to the document

              http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2687 i have done everything but still email sending failure.


              Also i was able to telnet to smtpout.mailserver.com.


              And the NonExtented column value is set to 1. Even then there is Email sending failure.



              Please help me in resolving the same.


              Thanks & Regards,