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    What better ways are there to update the mac agent?

    velo2k77 Apprentice

      I've noticed that we can use patch management to deploy windows agent updates but this does not seem to be the case for the mac agent.  I've been using a repeating scheduled push task that uses a query looking for agent versions that are not current on clients that are 10.9 and higher.  I'd like to use patch to do it.  I was wondering, are there reasons that there's not already a landesk created patch task for the mac agent?  Also, when scheduling an agent deployment by right clicking on the agent and selecting "Schedule agent deployment" it is only a push.  It seems more effective to use a policy supported push to get the agent updated and out there.  I could manually setup a policy supported push but I have the same question...  Are there a reasons that there's not already a policy supported push option when scheduling the mac agent for deployment?  I'm not getting good mac agent update results using a repeating scheduled push.  Is there a best or better practice for updating my mac agents?  As neither of these methods are naturally baked into landesk it leads me to wonder if these are unsupported or just overlooked methods for mac agent updating.