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    How can we automatically have the RCClient to automatically fill in our gateway for the user.

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      Not sure if any one has had this issue before but I could not find a direct hit when searching the forums.   Please forgive me but I am now to all of this.   We just recently upgraded to 9.6 sp2 with the latest patches etc..  I noticed one day that when I was helping a remote user we had them run the On Demand agent from the CSA Appliance by going to the LDCSA gateway on the outside of our network.   When we have the user navigate to launch the RCClient we then have to explain to the user you need to fill in ldcsa.XXXXXXXXXX.ORG then in box ID1 your first name and box ID2 your last name.


      The goal here is to have the RCClient already have our gateway address there and the user only need to fill in there name.    Our Gateway System Administrator figured out a way to recompile the RCClient which now would show the address to the gate way in the first box correctly but when a user outside of our network launches the executable Internet explorer starts to get a SMARTSCREEN filter warning which prompts the user to click on a few things to go ahead and launch executable.   It thinks the new RCClient.exe we recompliled is not a digitally signed executable.   So we are stuck.


      We then had to put back the original RCClient that came with our original go live version of 9.5.


      I hope I have explained this and was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and can provide some feedback on how we can get this to automatically be filled in and not cause the end user to jump through hoops to so we can connect to them.


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