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    Linux Agent through CSA


      Hi Everyone,


      I am using LDMS 2016 with latest CSA setup, Can Linux Agent communicate with LANDesk core server through the CSA?


      If no, is there any workaround that you guys are using in your environment to make this happen?


      Thank You,


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          Peter Massa Expert



          To my knowledge, at this time the Linux Agent is the only agent that does not support the CSA.  Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, etc support it.


          If you want remote control capabilities for Linux systems, you could achieve this with an Intel MPS gateway, assuming the Linux hardware supports vPro - but this requires a lot of work and completely different tools.



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            Thank you Peter, appreciate your quick response !

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              To confirm a couple of things & explain them .


              • As was pointed out, the Linux agent CAN NOT talk through the CSA to the Core.
              • As a bit of an explanation - remember that we're primarily supporting SERVER OS'es in the NIX space (RHEL / Solaris, etc.) - and those aren't exactly likely to be "going walkies" and "dialing home" over the internet.
              • It's something that is being looked at with the future in mind though, as / when we can/will add support for more client-centric operating systems (so things like Ubuntu / Debian, for instance). Since those are CLIENT-side, CSA would make sense as a requirement.


              ... hope that helps clarify things & explains why this isn't really much of a problem. Your servers should always be on the corporate backbone somewhere - so a CSA need doesn't make much sense with that setup, if that makes sense?

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                Hi phoffmann,


                Appreciate your points and explanation regarding CSA and Linux agent support.


                However we got the tool as an MSP, so while deploying in a single enterprise is not much of a problem as you mentioned, however from an MSP perspective it presents a major problem that cannot be solved with LANDesk alone.


                Can it be solved with LANDesk? that's what as an MSP we are interested in. Do you have any idea how can we achieve that, probably through NATed Core Server IP we can try to bypass CSA and allow Linux agent to communicate with core server directly, do you see any issues with this approach?


                I guess from security stand point it has some issues? what's your opinion on this? Would you recommend any better approach to handle this from MSP perspective?


                Thank you,

                Neeraj Kumar

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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Hmm - so, since the "regular" CSA tech doesn't apply in this case (though it will be a thing in the future, more of a question of when we'll get to it, as there's a lot going on with the NIX agent atm), you have to rule that out for the time being.


                  That means that you're back to more traditional solutions to such problems - so NAT / VPN and that sort of thing - which come with all the respective benefits & headaches of those technologies.


                  So other than the more traditional approaches to this sort of solution, you could always make sure that you've added yourself to the ER (Enhancement Request) of having CSA tech on Linux & co as well (I'm assuming there is one), or in case there isn't one, write the ER & attach yourself to it (so that others can as well), so that PM can track how popular a feature request this is & weigh it accordingly.


                  The ER portal / section can be found here - Enhancement Requests  .