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    Template Report on how often used


      Is there any way in Landesk I can find out which incident or SR has been created using which template?


      We have a lot of templates which are listed on our self service landesk webpage, is there anyway I can see which selfservice raised incident or SR used which template?


      I have found the table they are stored in lc_object_template but cannot find a way to link this table to the incident or process ones to get it to show me which call used which template.

      If this cannot be done is it possible to get a count of how many times each template was used via a different route ?


      Any suggestions welcome.




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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



          Could you create a new attribute (or reference list) on the process object named something like "Template ID". Then set this with the name of the template as part of your template - if that makes any sense!!


          So for example:


          Modify your default incident window and add the attribute created above.

          Modify your template(s) and update the attribute with the relevant ID for the template.

          Modify you default incident window to hide the template ID attribute.


          Then when a ticket is logged using a template you will have a reference of the template that was used.


          Hope that helps?