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    Is username of provisioner stored somewhere?


      Hello all,


      I rewrote the popup box that asks for a comptername during provisioning (I assume everyone has this box too) to do a few more things - like pull the hostname out of the Bios and also check to see if the Model of the PC is on the supported list.  If it isnt, it sends me an email (also an enhancement I made).  I would like to include the name, or user ID of the person that logged into provisioning at the beginning of the process.  I assume this data is kept somewhere because LD will show it in provisioning history once the image is complete.  Does anyone know where?  Somewhere in the registry perhaps?  Having the name of the template they selected would be good too



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          It's probably not too hard to find in the DB tables (PROV_HISTORY at a guess) if that's what you're talking about.


          If you're talking about "locally - on the device that's being provisioned" ... that'd be a bit more complicated to hunt down (as it's not a simple case of 'the logged on user' with it being WinPE obiously).

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            Yes I was hoping it was stored locally.  I would like the username as well as the template that was selected.  The problem is that Provisioning History only shows once a device has been imaged.  I am trying to capture this info prior, to catch errors

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Pretty sure it'd be real-time(-ish) - since the client sends updates on each task, and the core processes them.



              "I've finished running EXE 'netmap.exe' and have received return code 0"

              "I've finished installing software package XYZ using distribution method 123. Return code was XXX - which as per the return code template is fine."

              "I've tried growing a tree but found I don't have hands! So I failed."


              ... If / when I'll get some more breathing room, I'll try to play a little with the PROV_xxx tables (there's only a small handful). Since the updates in the console show up pretty real-time, one of those tables will have the relevant information.


              Where the information is PE-side, I can't tell you unfortunately (at least as far as the user is concerned). As to "what template was chosen" ... not sure the client itself will be aware (since it's really just the boot-menu that does it - and the rest is the Core rattling off the relevant actions). So "which template" is not going to be a concept most of the client is going to be aware of, I'd expect.


              I'll see what I can come up with, if I get a bit of peace & quiet ...

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                dwagner1 Apprentice

                I actually set up a Process Manager task for both Successful images and Failed images...


                When the tech's log into the LANDESK Console we have a -admin account that does not have an email associated with that account, so I had to add their email address into the consoleUser table.

                The "provisioner's" name is in the PROV_HISTORY_TASK table...


                The process is monitoring the database table every minute, so IF the template fails, the tech and admins will be notified very close to real-time. :-)


                Attached is a successful and failure that gets emailed to the person creating the task, and also the admins so we can help out if needed.











                Hope that helps or gives you some other ideas....