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    Dell Latitude e5470 PXE boot

    ksingh Rookie

      Hello all,


      I obtain an IP address when I do the initial PXE boot, but right after it loads the drivers, it says IP addresses: waiting for IP address.......


      I loaded the network drivers from the cab file provided here: Latitude E5470 Windows 8.1 Driver Pack - Enterprise Client - Wiki - Client and Mobile Solutions - Dell Community, afterwards, I did redeploy the PXE reps.


      We are using LANDESK Management Suite 9.6 SP2


      Any thoughts, ideas?

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          If the device is still reporting "waiting for IP address...." with the loopback address, the boot.wim has still not uploaded the applicable driver for the NIC/device.

          We've had great success reaching out directly to the NIC/adapter vendor and informing them of your intent (PXE booting to a WinPE environment) inquiring about the proper driver.


          Always remember to load the drivers into the Preboot>Manage Drivers in WinPE Image within your OS Provisioning Tool in the console, and to redeploy PXE reps after every update.

          For quick reference, this document covers that process: How to add drivers to WinPE for Ivanti EPM OS Provisioning