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    Not sure how to upgrade my AV

    Dubois-King Apprentice

      Disclaimer - I am new to Landesk so bear with me.  We use Kaspersky for our AV, and we recently upgraded to LD2016, which I am told will allow us to deploy the new Kaspersky AV to Windows 10 machines.  However, everywhere I look to try to upgrade the software version of the AV, I only see the option to update the virus definitions.  I tried researching it on the landesk help site, but it seems like everything links to another article and doesn't answer my question, and many articles are not valid for Landesk 2016.  What am I missing here?


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          rmeyer SupportEmployee

          If you are using LANDESK Antivirus then you need to make sure you have installed the latest Service Update (SU) patch on the Core Server then reinstall the LANDESK Agent on the Windows 10 computers. It is currently SU3. If you are using Kaspersky Antivirus then you need to contact Kaspersky on what you need to do.

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            Dubois-King Apprentice

            Thanks for the response!  I am told by my coworkers that Kaspersky has always been part of Landesk, and we don't update it independantly from Landesk.  I can tell you that Landesk also manages the definitions for it, both downloading them and pushing them out.


            As for SU3, I believe I got that to install, is there an easy way to check?

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              rmeyer SupportEmployee

              LANDESK can manage the AV definitions for Kaspersky but we do not mange the AV agent install or updating the actual AV agent for Kaspersky. You could do this with LANDESK if you created your own Distribution Package to install Kaspersky AV.


              To see if you have SU3 installed do the following:

              In the LANDESK Console on the Core Server, click the More Info button in the Help | About LANDESK Management Suite window. In the list of patches look for "LANDESK Software - Service Update" with 10.0.3 in the Description field.

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                Dubois-King Apprentice

                Thank you for your reply.  I found out SU3 had not been applied, and have since applied it.  As for the AV, we pay for the licensing through Landesk, and when you hover over the Kaspersky icon in the system tray, it is labeled "Landesk Antivirus for Windows version x.xxx".  I would have thought because of this that this meant that the antivirus was all done through Landesk, is this not a correct assumption?

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                  LANDave SupportEmployee

                  LANDESK Antivirus is the Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 engine with our skins and two of the Kaspersky EPS 10 functions removed: Device Manager and Vulnerability detection as we already have those solutions with Security and Compliance (Patch) Manager and LANDESK Endpoint Security.


                  Here is some further information:


                  Ivanti Antivirus on Windows 10 now supported


                  Here are specific instructions on how to update the LANDESK Antivirus component:


                  How To: Properly Install a LANDESK Antivirus Component Patch