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    Disappearing images from inbound mail

    DanJones Apprentice

      I have a calculation that removes the html email template and content on replies to the incident management notes

      however a side effect of removing the template is that any images pated in the reply are not displayed in the html field


      The calculation I have is



      import System


      static def GetAttributeValue(Note):


      pos = Note.Text.IndexOf("[mailto:helpdesk@123456.com]")


      if pos < 0:


      return Note.Text






      user = Note.RaiseUser.Title


      pos = (Note.Text.Substring(0, pos))


      Value = pos.Replace("helpdesk@123456.com", user)


      return Value




      I assume it is due to the calculation removing anything below the IndexOf and not closing tags correctly,


      Does anyone know of a way to remove the template AND to have pasted images on reply still working?

      I can still see the images as they are added to the attachments collection, however I would like to see them in the notes where they should be!