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    How do you set the Login logo?


      In the previous version 2016 you could set the logon logo to your corporate logo by adding a file called logon-logo.png to the folder:




      This would replace the Landesk logo. All your other logo's and backgrounds where put in here but these have now gone to the Theming area in workspace but there is no option to select the logon logo. Can this be done in the new version or has this function been taken out does anyone know?


      Also the image before for the background automatically scaled to the size of the web window and it doesn't appear to be doing that anymore, is it possible to get it to re-size as we have text on the login window to let people know how to get an account.

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          a.mohamoud Apprentice

          We have the same question and would like some clarification on this point....

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            Dean Apprentice

            Recently installed and found it. It is now:


            C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\BridgeIT\Content\images\logon-logo-blue.svg      (64 bit)

            C:\Program Files\LANDesk\BridgeIT\Content\images\logon-logo-blue.svg               (32 bit)


            I am trying to find the code to change it from a svg to a png but so far unable to locate.

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              Yes, I've just found that as well. I've used a program called Inkscape to change the png to svg and then it appears to work. I also found it didn't scale very well so you have to make sure the file it about the correct size and depending on the width and height of the logo you may have to increase the width of the logo file before changing it to the svg.

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                a.mohamoud Apprentice

                Thank you Brian and Dean, that has helped us a lot.


                We have now replaced the logo and it works a treat on the desktop browsers, but this hasn't worked on the mobile browsers. Is there a different image file for mobiles?

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                  Dean Apprentice

                  OK little more digging and found where they are located in the code.


                  I would not recommend doing this as it could cause issues and also not sure if Landesk want you doing this but in the main-build.js you can change the image file and location. (take a copy before doing anything below)


                  C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\BridgeIT\App\main-built.js

                  C:\Program Files\LANDesk\BridgeIT\App\main-built.js


                  Open it in notepad (or whatever you prefer) and search for the current file name "logon-logo-blue.svg". Their should be 2 quite close to each other. Change both of those to what you would like.


                  Clear down cache in browser and refresh.


                  I have also found in the same code the ability to change the Page title. That can be found under "ApplicationTitle": "LANDESK".


                  That is in a couple of times so just replace them all and same again with the cache.


                  Hope this helps and Landesk are ok with us doing this.

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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    By and large shouldn't be much of "a problem" to be had from our side, if you're worried.


                    For www-pages & such, HTML / JS files can be (inevitably) modified by the people who know how to do so.


                    My main concern would be purely from the following situations:

                    • ... always make a backup of the original files (because "life happens") - which you've already pointed out.
                    • If a future workspaces update involves an update/change to those files, chances are that those files will get overwritten with the "new default" files - so you want to keep (and document!) effectively a "delta" file / script that re-applies the changes for you ("delta" file + documentation is a workable solution. Full script + documentation is if you have spare time & the resources for it).


                    ... other than that, as long as "you don't break anything functional" I don't see anyone having issues with this, personally.