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    Customized Logo for Custom Message Page


      From the LDMS User Guide, you can customize the appearance or logo of the messages displayed on the client during software distribution deferrals:


      "...the custom message page (under the feedback and timing page)

      Use this page if you want to configure a custom message for the deferral dialog. This dialog only

      appears if you allow deferrals. The HTML page source for the deferral pages is on the core server

      in the LDLogon\html\ folder.

      • Use customized HTML pages: Uses the HTML pages in the core server's LDLogon\html\


      • Include a custom message on the deferral dialog: Adds text you enter (including HTML

      formatting) to the deferral dialog, replacing the standard text that normally gets inserted.

      The dialog can still show the Wait, Cancel, and Install now buttons with text describing

      what clicking each button does."


      Looking in the coreservername\ldlogon\html subdirectory, there are obvious .html files, but changing them provide no results in distribution packages.  I see no settings elsewhere that might affect this.  Anyone able to provide more details than this sparce information in the User Guide?  Bottom line:  I wish to change only the logo from LANDesk to our corporate logo.


      What are the default html files used by LANDesk for this purpose? -- Those would be the easiest to change in procedures ...