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    My Details Query


      I'm trying to recreated the My Details query that's on the Landesk sandbox site, but I'm not able to find the right attribute so I can make a criteria for Current Assignment.User is Current User.


      Has anyone been using this query and can point me in the right direction? I planned to use this for our Self Service portal.

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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



          From memory in your query you need to have Name is Me.


          Create your query on the System User object, add the required attributes and then in the criteria you drag the Name attribute over and then choose is Me.




          Hope that helps?



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            ASWINDELLS Yes, that worked. Thanks! Different module, different attribute name...


            I'd also like to make it look pretty and I don't have the report option to show on my query as it appears on the Sandbox:



            Is there someplace I can swipe the html for this? The picture is not needed. I'm assuming the html would go on the User attribute itself in Object Designer under Templates/Reports.