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    Update LANDesk Agent through CSA


      Hi Everyone !


      I am using LDMS 2016 with latest CSA, in my environment all the servers / desktops communicating with LANDesk core server through the CSA (Management Gateway)


      Can I use any option from the below mentioned snapshot in order to update agents on all the servers / desktops checking in through the CSA (it's not about change agent settings that as we already know can do using policy based change setting task)


      I think in my case I can not use any of the options available in Agent Configuration. (due to CSA, want to update agents through the CSA)? according to you, is it possible, most probably it's not,

      if not is there any workaround to get this work?


      I assume the only option I am left with when it comes to updating agents through the CSA is policy based distribution task as shown in below mentioned snapshot.

      New Picture (3).bmp

      It works fine, I have tested it in lab environment on multiple servers / desktops, however don't you think that it just reinstall a fresh updated self contained agent EXE, of course it works end of the day that's what we want , however we can not say specifically that it's updating it, It is just a complete plain reinstall of the agent through policy based distribution task (has to be policy as all are checking through CSA), do you guys see any drawbacks while utilizing this method for updating agents? or it's just fine, should not require a second thought, of course we can use EXE of advance agent as well with this policy based distribution task. (if it is just doing simple reinstall of the agent then we can also utilize sysinternals "PsExec" to remotely execute the agent EXE), I mean in this case what difference does it make if I prefer the later?


      Apart from policy based distribution task method to update agents, is there any other option / choice that you think would be better to utilize?


      Kindly guide me on this, your experience / insights / working knowledge would really help.


      Thank you for your attention on this !


      Thank you,

      Neeraj Kumar

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Well - given that you're distributing through the CSA, you "have" to go through policies. Given that that clients need to "dial home" to the Core (as the Core doesn't know where in the world the clients are), any kind of PUSH mechanic won't work.


          ... unless you have access to the relevant "local environment" AD or so for instance.


          My recommendation would be to use the Advanced Agent & just deploy it as a regular MSI (and potentially include the full agent file as an additional file, if you prefer). Remember, SoftDist tasks through the CSA must be hosted on the Core itself!


          Given the nature of CSA-cases ("clients can see the Core, but Core can't see the clients"), there's not really many alternatives here - unless you've got access to the sub-environments yourself (you can distribute an advanced agent MSI via a GPO for instance) ... depends on what sort of access you have to where.


          If you're looking at "only being able to access it via LANDesk" then this sort of policy-based approach is what you've got.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            All of the options you are considering are " just reinstall a fresh updated self contained agent EXE". They are mechanisms that get the EXE down to the client and then launch it.


            CSA is fundamentally designed to support clients that are outside the corporate network. Much of the LANDESK tech assumes that the network the Core Server resides on IS the coporate network.


            While the CSA can be used to deliver capabilities in the way you are considering (MSP model) it comes with trade-offs.IN the area you are looking here the expectation is that machines having agents installed are on the corporate network.


            Mark McGinn

            MarXtar Ltd/MarXtar Corporation


            LANDESK One Development Partner


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              carlos Expert

              Schedule Update To Agent Settings

              Update agent settings via a Policy

              Agent Configuration Update

              Update LANDesk Agent through CSA


              LDMS 9.6 SP2


              Hello I'm looking to do the same thing, after reading the links referenced above (including this one) just to be sure, The ONLY way to update an Agent via the CSA is re-deploying a full agent via a Scheduled (Policy based) Task?

              I need to Update the Distribution and Patch Settings and the Alerts configuration.


              Now I scheduled an Update to Agent task (I assumed it would work until it didn't and had to research all of hte above)

              The task ran and of course failed, But now i can not cancel it or delete it, I just don't have that option, any way to remove it?



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                Hi Carlos,


                I think you created a task with Policy supported Push and the Push method failed (due to CSA) and may be due to some reason it's not able to deliver it through policy so it has got stuck and now you don't have the ability to cancel or even delete it.

                I have noticed this kind of scenario quite a few times, just stop all essential LANDesk services and then login fresh to console and try to delete it, if it does not work then may be try rebooting the core server and then attempt to delete it. This worked for me. Lets try and let us know how it goes.


                In my case I created a distribution package with self contained agent EXE and deployed it through Policy Based Task and on 99% of servers / desktop it worked well.


                Thank you,


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                  amagi Expert

                  Carlos, if you want to only change settings, you don't need to redeploy a full agents:

                  - create a "change setting task" as if you are going to push it (give to it an easily searchable name... "@@my change task...");

                  - forget this new task;

                  - go to "distribution packages" pane and search for the package with the same name of the forgotten task;

                  - schedule this package with a policy for your clients connected via CSA and....wait a policy sync