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    Report showing specific files installed


      I know I have done this before, but i am having a problem running a report to find certain filenmaes. I am looking for installations of Instant Messengers (in case someone already has this report). If the filename is found in the software inventory I want it to return the User, PC name, filename, version.



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Easiest way i've found of doing this is a bit of a cheat.


          Create a custom column view that contains all of the items that you would like to see in your report but make sure that one of the columns is also FileName from the Software section of the inventory tree.


          When you apply this view, you will see huge amounts of repetition in the console BUT what you can now do is use the quicksearch box at the top to filter down this list to just those that contain the particular filename that you want to search for.  now all you need to do is right-clisk All Devices and choose to view as report and there you have your results.


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