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    The body of the mail message is empty

    VaLr Apprentice

      SO: WIndows Server 2012 R2

      LDSD: 2016.1

      Language Installation: Spanish

      OOTB: es_service_desk_2016.1_ootb.bak


      Window "Incident / Assignment"


      I replaced the original "Description" field for a custom field called "Description 2"


      Description 2

      Data Type: String

      Maximum Length: -1

      Subdata chain type: HTML


      Now when I make an Assignment of incident notifying the analyst via email, Email arrives but without any data in the body.



      Where do I specify that "Description 2" is now the field that contains the data I want to display in the mail body?

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          In process designer you will need to change the spots where the message is sent so that instead of description they have (probably) _description2.  You need to use the name property of the attribute you have added and you can find this in the object designer.  So not the title, but the name.  You should look in both assignments and reminders

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