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    Is it possible to add end users to a group and then send mail to them via a process?


      Hi All,


      I need some help, we've recently taken on web team work within support which needs approval from some end users in a different department. i have created a new group for then and added the end users, ideally id like to be able to select them from the pass to 3rd attribute and send them an email with the call details for approval and ill create a process around that.


      But... this doesn't work, i can see the web group in the group drop down, but under the analyst drop down the users don't appear.


      I can't figure out if its the BO that needs adjusting and its the Analyst attribute that is throwing it off and it need an end user attribute instead, to which i can't figure out how to create a new end user / group look up!

      Or whether its permission based on the new group i set up.


      I'm loathed to set them as Analyst as they will not be logging in to the system and i only require an email back from them to update the ticket.


      Also i may be tackling this from completely the wrong angle so any advice would be greatly appropriated.



      Thank you.