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    Condition not working

    Vicky1985 Apprentice



      I am currently changing a process in our test system.  I have a window with a Boolean on it, I have a condition in the process to say if said Boolean is true show this action however the action isn't showing.


      I have double and triple checked the Boolean properties default value false, mandatory true the condition is set to the correct Boolean and says if it = true then show this action but it just isn't working.


      I have tried creating a new Boolean and calling it something slightly different I have created a new condition and put the new Boolean on the window and done an IIS reset and it still isn't working.


      Can anyone help has any one else had this issue before?  I have a number of other Booleans and conditions set and they are all working without any issue I cant see any difference in this one.


      Thank you in advance