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    Policy based task


      Hi Everyone,


      I am using LDMS 2016 and all our clients are checking in to the core server through CSA. So, we must use policy based tasks.

      I have been observing this issue since last 3 months that more often around 40% our clients even after syncing the policy, receive the task in policy directory as xml file, but they don't start running the task. They just sit idle, they spent hours even days siting idle, though they have got the policy as xml file but simply don't run the task, when I monitor their status on the core server, I just see that policy has been made available, and nothing else.



      Many times for troubleshooting, I delete all the files in policy directory and manually sync the policy, after that I see that they again receive the task as xml file but again they just like to sit idle, do nothing at all, it makes me frustrated and I keep on guessing what on the earth they want, why don't they just run it (so issue is not policy sync, that they are doing it, issue is that after receiving policy they just don't care)


      Same issue with all kinds of policy based tasks (repair task, security scan task, change settings task, software distribution task), of course it does not happen with all the clients but it happens often almost with many clients. I checked everything agent configuration, agent settings all is well configured.


      Other day I called to support, they guided me to remove the targets (clients) from that task and create a new task and put that same client into new task, then I sync the policy and they just started running, I thought they gave me a magic trick, however this trick also does not work all the time, I tried even this many times sometimes it works, and sometimes don't.


      Could you please guide me, what these clients really want, I am really frustrated, it's been happening since I started using LANDesk, seems it's never ending story.


      Please help me on this, I just want a reliable method to make them work and not just tossing the coin and hoping that they are going to run the task, that's the reason I have made policy sync every 30 minutes, hoping that may be after syncing the same policy again and again after 30 minutes they may start. While on the other hand many clients run it immediately the moment they sync and receive it.


      I can not use push as clients are coming through CSA, I am really tired of this stuff.


      Thank you,

      Neeraj Kumar

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          First place to check would be the PolicySync-log in (by default) - C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Log\ - really. If policies aren't being started, it'll tell you there.


          You can enable more verbose debug-logging as per here - How to enable Xtrace Diagnostic Logging - for even more information.


          Usually it's one of two things:

          • Option 1 - Policy is downloaded but not run ... a hint as to why should be in the PolicySync-log.
          • Option 2 - Policy *IS* downloaded & started ... in which case, the PolicySync-log should state as much & you'll need to check out the SDCLIENT / related logs that actually try to do the install.


          ... find out which of the two scenarios it is & go from there.


          If you have trouble making sense of the logs (which is fine - not all of it is meant to be intuitive), you can ask support to help you out, or put them up here, if there's no sensitive names in the log (server / file-shares, etc.).

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            Thanks Paul,


            I tried reading logs to troubleshoot, but it did not make more sense to me, so that time SU4 was just released, I applied Service Update 4 to my LDMS 2016 and issue automatically resolved


            Thank you,