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    Issues with Remote Control - Error During Preconnect

    zerrikan Apprentice

      Having an issue when trying to remote control a Motorola MT2090 handheld scanner. Whenever I attempt to remote control I see the connection trying to happen in the RC client on the scanner but I immediately see "error in preconnect" on the scanner. I just installed the latest RC patch on the server (4.1.4) hoping that would fix it but no such luck. There doesn't seem to be a 4.1.4 RC client for the handheld that I found unless I've missed it somewhere.


      When I open the Access.log file on the scanner under the RC client folder I see this quite often:

      Invalid SMS Connection Trigger ID((null)) Address(Headquarters:1899)


      RemoteControl.log only has the following:

      +0000010     07-19 10:43:28 Client logger started: Level ERR

      +0000000     Loglevel set to ERR

      +0000016     Remote Control Starting..

      +0000020     Version built on Jun  7 2012 at 15:16:33


      Server info:

      Wavelink® Avalanche Console Version

      Wavelink® InfoRail Service Version 6.1.0 (6.1.000)

      Wavelink® Enterprise Service Version 6.1.

      RC version: 4.1.4


      Any help is appreciated.