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    Creating a simple software title 'population' dump


      I'm attempting to create a list of the counts of installed software titles, their versions and their publishers, by doing query on the AppSoftwareSuites table.


      I'm going to use this query:


      SELECT COUNT( Computer_Idn) AS ‘SWINSTALLCOUNT’, SuiteName AS ‘Software Title’, Version AS ‘Software Version’, Publisher AS ‘ Vendor’ 

      FROM AppSoftwareSuites 

      Group by SuiteName,  Version, Publisher


      Does this look correct?  Has anyone ever done this before??


      Thanx in advance

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Try creating a view with this instead:


          SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT Publisher, SuiteName AS , Version, COUNT(SuiteName) AS

          FROM         dbo.AppSoftwareSuites

          GROUP BY Publisher, Version, SuiteName

          ORDER BY Publisher, SuiteName, Version


          This should do what you need.


          Also, you can do this in the webconsole quite easily, just write a query that finds any machine where the device name exists, and then set the output columns to the ones you want to see and add a count on the appropriate field.  As long as you don't include the device name in the columns to display you will get a very similar result.


          The query doesn't display well so i attached it as a text file.


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