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    Mac scheduled tasks won't run if no one is logged in

    jerrod Apprentice

      We are running LANDESK 2016 ( When we schedule a distribution package, it will not run until someone logs in to the computer. If it's at the login screen, the task will be active with a status of "Client has started processing task" and eventually move to pending with a status of "Policy has been made available".


      I checked the log and it looks like ldscheduler is failing when no one is logged in. I will see the following error when the computer is sitting at the login screen:


      Jul 26 12:26:10  ldscheduler[83] <Info>: LCLaunchAndGetPID Failed: "/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin/ldswd" /taskid=2611 "/policyfile=CP.2611.RunNow.xml" result = -1, pid = 0, removing from queue 


      If I log in and restart the task, it will succeed:


      Jul 26 12:33:55  ldscheduler[83] <Info>: LCLaunchAndGetPID Successful: "/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin/ldswd" /taskid=2611 "/policyfile=CP.2611.RunNow.xml" result = 0, pid = 3415, setting running task



      I thought I might have something configured incorrectly, but I can't find any settings that would change this behavior.