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    Workspaces URL to invoke "Completed" Action for Request?

    csoto Specialist

      I send notifications to assigned analysts and end users which include URLs to take them directly to particular actions in Workspaces0. For example, this link lets you quickly add an attachment by clicking the URL:


      <A HREF="https://sdserver/Workspaces#form/class_name=RequestManagement.Request&key={Guid}&function_name=AddAttachment">Add an Attachment to Request {Id}</A>


      That works fine. However, the similar URL to trigger the "Completed" action does NOT work:

      <A HREF="https://sdserver/Workspaces#form/class_name=RequestManagement.Request&key={Guid}&function_name=Completed">Complete Request {Id}</A>

      Nearest I can tell, this is because the "AddAttachment" action is a "Create Related" action, which includes its own form. The "Completed" action has an Action Type of "None" so there's no form to display. Got it. So how do I trigger such an action?