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    How to set registry key for LDMS Remote Control

    RobLent Specialist

      I am trying to set the registry key on our 800+ workstations to allow remote control for LANDesk.


      After looking at a few workstations I have found the relevant key I think but it is different on every PC!


      How would I push this out if it is different for each machine?


      The key I have found is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules then it is a unique key such as "{D28DCFDD-5FF3-4EFC-9F43-89D9D2A4EBD0}"


      This then has a value of   "v2.10|Action=Allow|Active=TRUE|Dir=In|Protocol=17|Profile=Domain|Profile=Public|App=C:\\Program Files (x86)\\LANDesk\\LDClient\\issuser.exe|Name=LANDesk Remote Control Agent|"


      My problem is the Key is different on each PC.


      Any ideas how to make this easy?