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    Agent 2016 - Targeted Multicast Client Service Executable - tmcsvc.exe very high CPU on all clients/servers

    ldms_4mfe Specialist



      at the moment I'am investigating a alarming situation on all of our 2016 Clients and Servers.


      We have very high CPU usage on all of our systems for the tmcsvc.exe (Multicast Services). The Clients work halfway okay with that load - but on our servers I see real performance issues.

      We did not even activated Multicast in our Distribution and Patch Settings - so I have no glue where the high cpu comes from.



      Perfmon shows me high read/write Operations accompanied by the high CPU peaks.

      2016-07-29 13_22_32-mRemoteNG - confCons.xml.png



      cpu3.png cpu2.png



      I would be happy about any advice what is happening here, and what options I have to stop it.


      Best Regards, Marco

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