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    Upgrade duration ?

    manicmog Rookie

      I am currently upgrading ServiceDesk from v7.8.1 to 2016.2.

      I am running the upgrade in my Dev environment first (which is spec'd similar to our live environment). The database is approximately 20gb in size and has been restored from the live environment.

      I started in the upgrade at 13:41 and it appears to still be running at 17:10. Image / screenshot attached.

      How long does this upgrade normally take ?

      Has it failed or locked up ?


      Thanks in advanced.


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          If the clock isn't ticking up (126 goes to 128 goes to ...) then it has failed and a check of the metadata log file should reveal some clues.

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            Just got off the phone with support. First attempt was made on the web server. I never even got to the point of a progress bar. Called support they recommended I try the upgrade on the application server. Same result. Starting Upgrade.


            If you are like me and are following the Online guide in the upgrade portion step 2 it says "Using the LANDESK Configuration Center, stop all of the Windows services for all of the instances you have set up."


            Once its finished it says to automatically start the configuration center.


            1. Alongside the servicedesk.Framework configured application, click Upgrade.
              The Upgrade dialog appears.

            Click Upgrade.

            The upgrade starts."


            Nothing about starting the Services backup...


            So yeah make sure the services are started and the upgrade will continue.

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              manicmog Rookie

              Came in this morning, it is showing the same (no progress). I have checked the log, and this is at the end.... it shows some errors. Not sure what this means.... any ideas ?


              - <MetadataLogEntry
              ="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">


              <Sql>INSERT INTO ui_shortcut_group_role (ui_guid, ui_shortcut_group_guid,
              ui_role_guid, ui_last_update) VALUES ('3E85BE71-889D-42CB-986A-EC8570092202',
              '8336D639-8FEB-4255-860C-2D427D3AB341', '638C03DB-89E0-4F2A-893F-C5C4F16E327D',




              <ErrorMessage>The INSERT statement conflicted with the
              FOREIGN KEY constraint "fkey$ui_sc_group_role$scgpr". The conflict occurred in
              database "LDSD", table "dbo.ui_shortcut_group", column 'ui_guid'. The statement
              has been terminated.



              - <FatalError>


              <Description>The INSERT statement conflicted with the
              FOREIGN KEY constraint "fkey$ui_sc_group_role$scgpr". The conflict occurred in
              database "LDSD", table "dbo.ui_shortcut_group", column 'ui_guid'. The statement
              has been terminated.


              Touchpaper.Framework.Data.Metadata.MetadataLog.ExecuteNonQuery(IDbCommand cmd,
              Boolean ignoreErrors) at
              provider, String connectString, SqlScript script, Boolean ignoreErrors) at
              scriptVersion, Boolean afterResources) at
              metadata, Boolean isMdmOperation) at




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                I'd restore your DB to the version prior to running the upgrade and then upgrade again.  I suspect it will do the same thing, so then log a support call.  They will probably want a cleared down copy of your pre-upgrade database.