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    New Local User for remote control (No AD)

    carlos Expert

      Hello, I can add AD users without problems, I need to create some users that are not part of my domain, these users need to be able to remote control machines via the CSA (meaning to be able to login to the CSA and RC clients), I assume that I need to:

      1. Create a new user for the server (but what group access they should have?


      2. add these users to the LANDesk management Suite Group.


      My question is about point 1, what type of user, etc.

      Or maybe I need to do something entirely different?



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          Rajneeshkaura Rookie



          You have to create local user on Core server aand add that user in Management suite group located on same server that's all..

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            Jharris3400 Apprentice

            Rajneeshkaura is correct, but I would take it a step further depending how many users are going to be like this. I would create a local group on the core and add it to the Management Suite folder. Create the local users and add them to the local group you just created. Now, in the RBA portion of the console, assign the role you wish for these users to have i.e. remote control (usually the default IT Help Desk will work fine). This way you will not have to repeatedly do this for several users., instead just add them to the local group you created.