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    Cannot Apply 2016.2 Xtraction Update - Can I update manually?

    ChrisMoto Apprentice

      When attempting to apply the 2016.2 Update to Xtraction I get stuck at step 3 (running UpgradeToV2016.2.exe).


      The application returns ambiguous error about there being "no row at index 0" or something along those lines. I should have taken a screenshot but I was on a deadline and had to roll back the update immediately upon failure.

      My environment meets all the prerequisites for the update, and all steps were followed correctly up until then. So as for what went wrong, I have no idea.


      The update documentation mentions changes to the registry and web.config file.


      Checking the web.config file (in web\server) I could see that the expected changes were made to it. However the addition to the registry was not.


      Now I can add the string value to the LANDESK\Xtraction registry key myself, but I'm wondering what else the executable does. There are a number of other web.config files throughout the web directory and sub directories, do those require changes as well? Or does it legitimately only make the two changes mentioned in the update document?


      I was going to raise a support request for this but the LANDESK "Create a Support Request" is adamant about me choosing an Xtraction component. There is no general support option.