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    Quick doubt on Reboot Settings


      Hi Everyone,


      One quick doubt on Reboot settings.


      Here it is, I want to reboot my servers during patching if reboot is needed, so in reboot settings General >> I selected "Detect whether reboot is needed"

      Also I want my servers to reboot every month 3rd Friday between 10 PM to 5 AM (in 24 hrs. format - 22 to 5), as we can see in the mentioned time-frame next day starts after 11:59:59 PM (Day will be Saturday). That's alright, that's what I want.



      Do I need to select in Days of week "Saturday" as well? provided that I want reboot to take place only on 3rd Friday of the month between 10 PM to 5 AM.

      As per my understanding I don't need to select "Saturday" as LANDesk knows that after 11:59:59 PM next day starts (in my case Saturday starts).

      Am I doing it correctly if I am selecting only Friday? I guess Yes.


      Need your suggestions on this.


      Thank you,

      Neeraj Kumar

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          Jharris3400 Apprentice

          What you have is setup correctly for auto reboots... Keep in mind though that the custom day range you entered will not apply as you have selected the "3rd week" option. When it comes to patching, any patching or sw distributions that are pushed will follow your agent settings for distribution/patch on the client unless you specify other wise. The setting you have listed above will more than likely apply to generic reboots. I would suggest either of the following two ways you can go about this, you can modify your agent settings for patching so when you push your server agents it has that setting for generic reboots as well associated patching reboots. The other way is to push these patches using the specified patching/reboot agent settings method (this method will ignore "not overwrite" the existing agent patch settings and use what you have specified), but you will have to select this option every time when scheduling the task.


          See the following link for detailed information on Distribution & Patch settings. About Ivanti EPM Distribution and Patch settings once setup, you can have this process automated for the patches you approve. Let me know if you have any questions and will help wherever I can.

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