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    Landesk 2016 SU4 not decrypting public variables





      It seems that after patching to SU4 we are having issues were if we boot from an SU4 upgraded PXE everything related to public variables does not work properly.



      From the logs I can see that for some reason is attempting to connect to the core for decryption and fails and it keeps retrying until at some point it just continues.



      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:Going to have the core decrypt a password

      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:Decrypting Provisioning Password http://coreserver.domain:443/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/Core/serverauthentication/serverauthentication.asmx

      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:Requesting for deviceId: {93E0E489-B711-8E4E-9DE9-0423D30EED5D}

      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:Found httpclient.exe at x:\cba8\httpclient.exe

      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:Making web service call via proxyhost.

      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:httpclient args: -b ncs -p"" -H"X:\ldprovision\wscheader.txt" -o"X:\ldprovision\wscbody.xml" -f"X:\ldprovision\wscresult.xml" http://coreserver.domain:443/LANDesk/ManagementSuite/Core/serverauthentication/serverauthentication.asmx

      2016-07-22 16:48:25(544-1468) ldProvision:TryallWebService exitcode: -1

      2016-07-22 16:48:34(544-1468) ldProvision:TryallWebService exitcode: -1

      2016-07-22 16:48:42(544-1468) ldProvision:TryallWebService exitcode: -1

      2016-07-22 16:48:56(544-1468) ldProvision:Unable to decipher attribute name: 11

      2016-07-22 16:48:56(544-1468) ldProvision:Going to have the core decrypt a password



      Why is the PXE rep attempting an http connection to a https port? Could this be the problem? is there a way to fix the boot image?



      Old pxe reps (pre 2016 SU4) work fine.